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Weaving is a craft known around the world in all cultures throughout time. From making cloth for clothing to nets for fishing, this art has been, and still is, an important part of everyone's life. The FRIENDSHIP BRACELET is another weaving project that you can make and send to all your friends and Peace Pals, letting them know they are in your thoughts. Wearing the bracelet around their wrist or ankle will also help them to remember you!

You will need:

  • 6 strands of yarn (or embroidery thread) each 24" (60 cm) long.
  • Each strand represents a letter in the word F R I E N D.
  • You may choose any colors you like.

  1. Gather the 6 ends and tie an overhand knot leaving a 8" - 9" (21-23 cm) tail. Arrange them in the order you would like for your bracelet. Tape knotted end to a table or tie to a chair.
  2. Take the first string on the left F and wrap it over and around the next string R to make a knot. Tighten by holding R and pulling up on string F.
  3. Make a second knot the same way with string F over and around string R. Pull up on F to tighten.
  4. Now drop string R and pick up string I. Make two knots with string F over and around string I.
  5. Repeat on strings E, N, and the last string D making two knots on each with string F. Now F will be on the right. This makes one complete row.
  6. Continue the next row by taking the first string on the left, now string R, and making two knots over and around each of the other strings I, E, N, D and F. With each row the string on the left is worked over to the right side.
  7. When you have woven enough to fit around your wrist, tie another overhand knot to complete. To wear the bracelet, tie the two ends together in a square knot and trim the extra strings.


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