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The Friendship Lantern was inspired by the International Peace Lantern Exchange Project which encourages children to create, exchange and float lanterns to promote world peace. This version, somewhat different, can be made just to catch the beauty of light and as an expression of peace. You can also mail one to your Peace Pal.

You will need:

  • posterboard or paper, art tissue paper, scissors and glue.

  1. Hold a rectangular piece of paper horizontally.
  2. Fold the 2 long sides over towards the middle.
  3. Cut out shapes along the folded edges, creating openings in the paper.
  4. Open flat. Glue pieces of art tissue paper to cover the openings. Overlapping these will create new colors when the light shines through.

  5. Turn over and decorate the lantern with your own images and thoughts of peace and friendship. You might include the message: MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH.

  6. If you want to send the lantern to your Peace Pal, it will be easier to mail flat, before assembling.

  7. To assemble, just glue short sides together, making a circular shape. For a handle, glue two ends of a strip of paper to the inside, at the top.

Hang in a window or near a light to see the beautiful colors of your Friendship Lantern.

* The Friendship Lantern project is from the PEACE PALS ACTIVITY GUIDE *

These Peace Pals Projects are from the Peace Pals Activity Guide,
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